While history seems to be confined to the textbooks, there is still an awful lot to learn from the past. Ancient civilisations may not have had the technical advantages or scientific wizardry to concoct elaborate beauty treatments – but the all natural alternatives were just as effective for our predecessors, and are still incredibly valuable today. Learn just a few of the top beauty tips that have stood the test of time: Cleopatra’s top beauty essential Cleopatra’s beauty is still renowned today, and one of the must-haves in her arsenal of beauty treatment was bathing regularly in fresh milk and honey. More than just a luxurious bath for the wealthy, this is in fact fantastic for this skin, as milk contains lactic acid, a natural exfoliant, while honey promote healing and deep moisturising, resulting in youthful looking skin, and reducing lines and wrinkles. Saint Grape’s Milk and Honey soap gives a little flavour of that incredibly soothing and indulgent regal treat. Grandma’s beauty tips Grandmothers through the ages have been a wealth of wisdom, and their tried and tested beauty tips are definitely worth paying attention to! A common tip is to make a mask of mashed up apples and bananas and allowing it to dry for up to an hour, before cleansing it off with milk. The fruit provides a gentle exfoliating action, as it is massaged into the skin, while also giving lots of essential nutrients and hydration to parched skin. A great way to use up any bruised fruit that’s lying around, and fantastically energising for dull and tired skin. Ayurvedic wisdom from ancient India India’s rich and complex heritage includes a wealth of knowledge about natural health and beauty, and this ayurvedic trick is ideal for brightening up dull skin, or reducing redness. Turmeric is renowned for its cleansing and healing properties, so a long-held practice is to make a thick paste of the powdered herb and water, and apply it liberally across the face and body. Leave to dry and then wash off gently, before moisturising the skin with a rich natural oil such as almond oil.