There’s nothing as luxurious as a wonderful, pampering spa session, complete with soft music, soothing lighting and delicately fragrant beauty products. While a full-blown luxury spa session might be beyond most everyday budgets, it’s easy to recreate that fabulous experience – in the comfort of home. Here are 5 easy tricks to creating the perfect at-home spa: 1. Go floral – from head to toe Create the right atmosphere with fresh rose petals scattered on the counter. Add a hint of fragrance to the ‘spa room’ by creating a DIY mist made of essential oils and water – a blend of rose, lemon and orange oils will seem luxuriously soothing. Essential oils are also perfect for a calming foot soak – add chamomile and eucalyptus to warm water and Epsom salts, to ease away any aches. 2. Indulge in natural products Add a few high quality natural products to the spa kit to keep it feeling professional. Saint Grape’s Silk Skin Spa kit comes complete with a natural toner, serum and clay mask – as well as a handy head band and brush to apply them with. 3. Blend, blend, blend! The humble kitchen blender is a surprising essential for a home spa. Create everything from super-fresh masks and scrubs by blending nut oils, avocados and bananas, or whip up a fresh tasting smoothie to enjoy during the session. 4. Turn up the heat There’s nothing worse than shivering in a cold bathroom, so keep things feeling comfortable by warming up. Heat up lotions and oils gently on a radiator or a bowl of warm water before applying, and keep warm towels to hand for relaxing cleansing. 5. Raid the kitchen cupboard The kitchen cupboard has a host of beauty essentials hidden away – from natural exfoliating scrubs, to blemish-beating ingredients. Create a decadent exfoliating scrub by combining a spoon of coconut butter with coarse brown sugar – and massage all over for a tingly and deeply moisturising experience. Add a slice of lemon to dark patches on knees or elbows to lighten the skin – and soften up any rough spots, too.