st grape clay maskWhen going away on a vacation, packing the right beauty must haves for the trip is essential, and should ensure that skin is kept looking beautiful in any climate or condition. Travelling and sudden changes in climate can stress out the skin – and there’s nothing worse than having to deal with an acne breakout or dry patches when on a relaxing trip. To prepare skin for going away – and keeping it beautiful during the length of your vacation, a few natural beauty products can go a long way.


Stay hydrated while in transit


Travelling – whether by road, train or air, can be tough on the skin, as it’s exposed to harsh conditions for an extended period. Air conditioning, fans, breezes, stuffy waiting rooms and cramped train carriages can all leave skin feeling either dried out or clammy and greasy, which can in turn leave skin feeling sluggish and tired.


To avoid skin drying out, hydrate skin regularly using a light mist or spray made up of rosewater and essential oils. As it’s extremely light, it can be used as often as required, and will keep skin feeling cool. For long flights or train rides, a hydrating mask will keep skin nourished and moisturised, and result in a refreshed and energised feeling at the end of the journey. Saint Grape’s Mineral Clay Mask is an effective, all-round hydrating mask that is perfect for travel.


Set up a routine on arrival


While it’s tempting to crash out on the hotel bed after a long journey, setting up a simple but effective beauty routine will prevent skin problems while away on vacation. Cleanse skin to remove any impurities that have collected on skin during the journey, and nourish the skin with a gentle but hydrating serum – a combination of almond oil and rose essential oil is light, moisturising, and non-greasy.


Miniature bottles of cleanser, toner and moisturising lotions are easy to carry around, without weighing a suitcase down – it’s useful to invest in a portable travel kit, such as Saint Grape’s handy travel essentials kit – or decant favourites into smaller plastic containers.