St-grape-invisible-skin-massage-oilEarly summer can be a notoriously unsettled time during the seasons, with sudden showers, heat waves, gale force winds and icy temperatures – often all within the space of a single day. Not to mention the fact that most people move in and out of different environments throughout the day – from dry, cold air conditioned offices, to stifling rooms packed with equipment that is constantly churning out heat and dust. Skin can be incredibly sensitive to changing temperatures and conditions, so to stay fresh-faced in any condition, it’s important to give skin a strong, all-round treatment.


Stay hydrated


Hydration in the number one essential for luminous, youthful looking skin. Natural masks packed with essential nutrients – made of ingredients like cucumber, banana and honey, all help to keep skin well nourished throughout the day, and leave skin with a taut, firm and glowing appearance.


DIY toners and mist sprays are also a fantastic way to top up hydration, especially when on the move in busy urban areas like trains, offices and planes.  A simple toner made of light, refreshing rosewater can invigorate hot, tired skin and revive its natural softness.


The right kind of nourishment


Constantly changing conditions can leave skin dry, chapped and sore, whether the air around it is hot and dry, or cold and windy. It’s tempting to slather skin in rich, heavy creams to counteract its dryness, but this can in fact create new problems, by clogging up pores and leaving greasy residues.


Instead, light but nutrient-rich natural products that are easily absorbed by the skin are a better choice. These will nourish the skin, providing essential vitamins and minerals to counteract harmful substances and encourage skin healing and growth. Natural oils are a great source of all the essential nutrients that skin needs, and can be easily found in products like avocado, coconut, and almond oil.  Saint Grape’s light, reviving and deeply nourishing Invisible Skin Massage Oil is ideal to use all over the body – including on the face, hands and feet, to give a beautifully radiant look all over.