lotusrosePerfectly dewy, naturally glowing skin is the Holy Grail of beauty, and getting the right morning routine is essential to achieving it. When early mornings are a drag though, a tedious and complicated, not to mention time consuming beauty routine can often be the last thing on a to-do list. But rather than opting for cosmetics to cover up flaws, skin can naturally be guided towards fresh-faced morning beauty, with a few simple pointers.


The right oils


While washing away the previous night’s sleepiness with a fresh-scented soap might sound revitalising, it actually does more harm to skin than good. Instead, opting for a gentle, oil-based cleansing routine helps to keep the skin’s natural balance in check, retain suppleness and boost a youthful, vibrant look. Natural oils such as coconut, shea, olive or nut-based oils are not only packed with essential nutrients and proteins to improve the skin’s own ability to heal and revive itself, but are also easily absorbed and help to neutralise the balance of oil production. By massaging a little oil onto dry skin, before washing off with warm water, facial skin gets an instant dewy look and feel, preparing it for the long day ahead.


Essential hydration


Hydration is a key tool to getting perfectly youthful, fresh-faced skin. Skin needs hydration from both inside and out – and drinking plenty of water is one of the most basic ways to keep skin’s moisture levels well topped up. Not only does it keep skin plump and firm, water is essential for purging skin of toxins and preventing build ups, which can manifest in unsightly pimples, white heads and acne. For a cheat’s way to keep skin looking well hydrated,  light, refreshing toners and mists with ingredients such as rose water or cucumber provide an instant dose of revitalising moisture. Saint Grape’s Lotus Rose toner is an ideal light touch to add hydration to facial skin. Other great options include making a simple but nourishing face mask with water-rich fruits and vegetables, such as banana, cucumber and honey, which cools, de-puffs and restores hydration in one.