beauty-sleepSleep is an essential part of feeling healthy and looking good. Tired minds and bodies tend to show the symptoms on the surface first, with dark under eye circles, and skin that’s more prone to acne and rash flare ups. If getting to sleep is difficult though, there are some simple everyday ingredients that can help both mind and body to relax and unwind, for a reviving and restful sleep.


Relax the body


A gentle massage is an ideal way to prepare the body to relax, especially after a tough or stressful day. Perfect either before or after a long soak, or alternatively just before bedtime, a soothing massage with gentle natural ingredients will help the mind and body to calm down. An easy massage treatment can be made up of a combination of natural oils and butters – infuse almond oil or softened coconut butter with a few drops of rose and chamomile essential oil, which will both enhance calmness, and ease anxiety.


Create a soothing atmosphere


Lavender is a renowned sleep aid and can be easily used to add an instant feeling of calmness and relaxation. Create a simple lavender spray that can be spritzed around the room before bedtime, by steeping boiled water with fresh or dried lavender blossoms. Allow the mixture to steep for as long as possible, and once it is cooled, it can be decanted into an empty perfume bottle or any other spray container.


Clear the air


One of the most common reasons for sleep difficulty is in fact breathing problems at night. A build up of dust and dirt in the environment can exacerbate asthma or other issues, and lead to a stressful and problematic night. To reduce this, a natural beeswax candle can be burnt to cleanse and purify the air. Saint Grape’s Honey Spa Candle leaves a delicious, light honey-flavoured scent, and is ideal for removing toxins from the air, while also being gentle enough to use everyday. It can be burnt for a few hours before bedtime, to create a calm and fresh atmosphere. Just be sure never to leave a lit candle unattended!