natural skincareBeauty looks this summer are all in favour of having fun with the look – with quirky, visually striking and playful but refined use of colour. Every aspect of beauty is fair game – from striking brows and colourful lashes, to jewel-toned eyes and shimmering lips and skin. But to work the summer’s beauty trends to best effect, the number one beauty essential is having great skin, and it’s easy to pamper skin with a few natural ingredients, to create the perfect foundation for any make up style.


Beautiful eyes – for a bright and bold look


Striking eye trends include revamps on the classic cat’s eye – which is bigger and bolder than ever, or even bright, jewel tone shades of eyeshadow, in hot pink, juicy turquoise and oranges. To make eyes pop even more, they can be embellished with metallic accents – tiny gold sequins or chunky glitter shadows are a perfect way to catch the sun.


To make the most of this look, it’s important to have bright, alert eyes, with minimal puffiness. A great natural way to sooth eyes and create a base before using any eye makeup is chamomile tea – simply place a cool camomile tea bag, that has been used to steep a cup of tea, and rest over each eye for fifteen minutes. This will both sooth tired eyes and leave them feeling energised and vibrant, as well as reduce puffiness around the eye area.


Perfect lips for every shade


Lip colour trends run the whole spectrum, from soft and subtle nudes, to stunning neons. Regardless of whether a matte or cream finish is picked, it’s important to have soft, supple lips to avoid lip creases and feathering. And with the additional heat of summer – it’s even more necessary to protect lips from dehydration, chapping and peeling.


A delicious and easy natural way to hydrate and gently exfoliate lips is to combine brown sugar with a dab of coconut oil – rich with hydrating oils from the coconut, with a gently massaging effect from sugar granules, this removes peeling and chapped skin, while also hydrating and nourishing lips for a plump and youthful look.