beautySummer isn't all blue skies and endless sunshine - the inevitable summer storms and downpours means any summer skincare routine has to deal with both extremes of weather. While those grey summer days can feel drab and miserable, the right beauty routine can make skin shine all the brighter, for a beautiful, natural look, no matter what the weather. Natural ingredients will help skin stay its best, and work summer make up essentials to best effect.


The right base


To get a beautifully radiant look for summer skin, preparing with the right base is essential. Heavy powders or caked on makeup can look disastrous in the rain, as they will become splodgy and uneven with moisture. Instead, lighter foundations and concealers in a liquid formula give a smoother, more natural look.


Use a light, easily absorbed serum to give skin softness and a natural glow, without looking greasy. Rose hip oil or almond oil can be easily absorbed, and act as an effective base for liquid make up on top. Saint Grape's Invisible Massage Oil is easy on the skin, while being full of nutrients. Finish off with a light spritz of rose water, to give a fresh and youthful touch.


Easy on the eyes, bright on the lips


There's nothing worse than raccoon eyes in a rain storm, so avoid lashings of mascara and eyeliner. Instead, keep eyes looking bright and fresh. A natural eye pack made of chilled cucumber slices will instantly rejuvenate tired and puffy eyes,  while a light serum can be used to keep delicate skin around the eye area well moisturised.


Add a touch of colour to counteract all the grey in your lips instead. Bold shades of coral and orange are on trend for summer and come in variety of shades and finishes to suit all skin tones. Sheer washes of colour are perfect to add a subtle hint of brightness for day, while brighter matte finishes look striking for evening. Lips should also be prepped beforehand for maximum softness with a soothing massage balm, to prevent drying out or cracking.