Removing blemishesSkin blemishes and marks are one of the universal banes of a beautiful, clear face – regardless of age or gender. Blemishes aren’t restricted to teenagers – affect many adults during the course of their lives. Lifestyle, hormones and diet can all affect skin – giving rise to pimples, acne and redness. While concealers, ‘BB’ balms and other cosmetics can disguise the look, the root cause of skin  blemishes can often be treated naturally – ensuring healthy and even blemish-free skin, without make-up. 

Balance and calm 

Stress is often one of the main culprits behind adult acne and blemishes. Work stressors, lack of sleep and poor diet can affect hormonal levels and result in dull, tired skin, which is more sensitive to outbursts and inflammation – and blemished skin can aggravate the problem further. 

Washing with lukewarm water rather instantly reduce stress on skin. Rich, easy to absorb natural butters – such as coconut, shea or cocoa butters –all help to sooth and moisturise without adding heaviness. Oatmeal and oat milk are also renowned for their calming and soothing properties, and are ideal for reducing burst capillaries and sore, angry pimples alike. 

Gentle cleansing 

Aggressive chemical-based blemish products may clear up acne and pimples – but can also leave skin more prone to other problems, such as excessive oiliness or dryness. Gentle cleansing using milder, natural ingredients will help to keep skin clean and prevent blemishes forming, but without stripping it of its essential nutrients. Take a look at our range of natural skincare products 

Natural facemasks packed with vitamins and minerals are a great way to keep skin clean – papaya is rich in antioxidants, which can reduce redness, while avocado is full of oils, to nourish and moisturise, whilst cleansing away impurities. Ground nut shells or coarse sugar can be added to the mix, for a gentle exfoliating action. 

Blemish-free – from the inside 

Clear, calm skin starts from within, and good nutrition is essential to ensure skin stays healthy and beautiful. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals can help skin to stave off infections and viruses, which can often result in skin outbursts, while essential oils and proteins ensure skin can heal itself, while retaining its natural elasticity and brightness. Everyday foods to promote skincare include tomatoes – full of vitamin A and C, as well as nuts and oily fish, both rich in essential amino acids and oils.