Beware the mild temperatures we have experienced so far this year are likely to be coming to an end we need to get ready for the snow! Dropping temperatures has us reaching for our biggest woolly jumpers, investing in new hat and scarf sets (any excuse!), and long evenings snuggling in front of the fire place. But as we prepare for the cold weather we mustn’t forget to take care of our skin. Cracked, flaky, irritated, or inflamed skin may seem inevitable during winter, but it doesn’t have to be. Making a few adjustments to your routine will reap rewards and ensure you glow with radiance throughout the cold winter days. Top winter skin survival tips 1) Drink plenty of water. This rehydrates the skin from the inside out. And if it’s really cold try a herbal tea to warm you as well. 2) Exfoliate! Remove dead skin cells from your body by including a exfoliant in your weekly skincare routine. 3) Moisturise – indulge your face with a luxury skin moisturiser at the end of the day letting your skin soak overnight. 4) Don’t overdo the hot shower – prolonged exposure to hot water will strip the skin of natural oils. Turn it down a notch and reap the benefits. 5) Watch what you eat. Fish, nuts, olive oil, and avocados are all packed with monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids that will feed you skin with essential oils. 6) Take care of your hands. Invest in some good quality waterproof gloves that keep your hands warm and dry. Apply cream or lotion through-out the day especially after washing your hands. 7) Don’t forget your feet. After a good go with a pumice stone, slap on plenty of moisturiser and a pair of socks to bed. The soaks keep your feet warm which helps when absorbing the moisturiser. 8) Wrap up warm when out and about. Going from extremes of hot and cold can be traumatic for our skin – regardless of skin type. Where possible avoid extreme temperature changes by protecting from the cold and maintaining a moderate temperature at home. 9) Treat yourself to a home spa experience. You might not be able to head off for a luxurious day at an expensive spa, however the same results can be obtained at home with the very best in beauty and natural skincare treatments that will give mind and body a lift.