Facial cleanserThere’s nothing more covetable than naturally beautiful and radiant skin, and the key to getting that natural glow is good hydration. Skin imbalances, like excess oiliness or dryness, can easily put the skin’s natural moisture in chaos, but natural ingredients specially picked for gentleness and easy absorption, can restore moisture, suppleness, and that delicate glow, for a youthful and revived look. 

The power of rose 

Roses are cherished the world over – and not just for their beauty or fragrant scent. Rose petals were historically used by the rich and wealthy as a natural beauty product – ground into fine powders or in rich, indulgent soaks, as rose has a natural ability to balance nearly all skin types.  

Refreshing and soothing, rose can reduce inflammation and redness, while it also balances sebum production – preventing skin from getting too oily, or too dry. A light rose toner, made with essential oils of rose, acts as a reviving tonic and gentle cleanser, and is ideal in warm weather to revive and hydrate sun-damaged skin. Try Saint Grape’s Lotus and Rose Radiance Toner, which combines rose and lotus essential oils, for a gentle and effective skin treatment. 

Golden glowing serums 

Serums are an effective way to nourish and hydrate skin, and the key to getting an effective result is ensuring that the right blend of oils are used – too heavy, and oils can leave pores clogged and greasy, while lighter oils are ineffective on dry or mixed skin. A light blend combining essential oils and natural carriers, such as almond or jojoba oil, is quickly absorbed and provides essential nutrients to the skin, to restore elasticity and inner glow. 

Different essential oils can be used to treat individual conditions – rosemary and chamomile sooth inflamed skin, while carrot seed and rosehip is a rejuvenating combination for older skin. For an effective ant-aging treatment for eyes, pomegranate and grapeseed oil can also be added, to reduce dark circles and reduce fine lines. While it might seem surprising, serums are also very effective at balancing oily skin – by restoring moisture naturally, without adding heavy chemicals or emollients to the mix.