St Grape Ancient ScrubA detox facial is the perfect way to boost dehydrated, tired or dull skin, by rejuvenating, moisturising and pampering skin for an occasional treat. While deep detox facials are too intensive to carry out daily, they’re a perfect booster to enhance natural beauty and help skin retain its youthful look, by removing impurities and toxins. To get the best out of a detoxifying facial, it’s best to prep skin beforehand using a few easy steps:


 1.     Soothing oil massage


Natural oils are a great place to start for a detoxifying facial – rich in nutrients, they provide a soothing and cleansing effect, removing surface impurities and helping blemishes to heal faster. Massage a natural oil like jojoba or almond in slow, circular motions to help boost circulation and gently remove dead skin cells and excess sebum.


 2.     Deep detox with a mask


Many masks can feel overly dehydrating and abrasive – so for an effective detox, natural ingredients can help to ensure skin stays soft and supple. Saint Grape’s Ancient Facial Scrub is a chemical-free scrub that can be used as a mask to unclog pores and restore radiance. Use an exfoliating mask to ensure dead skin cells are swept away, leaving radiant, healthy skin instead.


 3.     Tone and cleanse


Once skin has been detoxed, it’s important to nourish it and help it retain its hydration and moisture. A gentle cleanser to remove any excess mask, followed by a natural toner lotion will hydrate skin effectively, giving it a clean, smooth look. A toner can be applied all over the face with a cotton wool pad, and is ideal for reducing puffiness around eyes, or excessive redness. For a lovely, fragrant and natural treat, rose water is a handy, cost-effective DIY facial toner.


 4.     Hydrate and moisturise


The last step to perfectly detoxed skin is to ensure skin stays supple and well moisturised. Heavy, rich creams that leave skin feeling greasy should be avoided – instead a light but effective lotion, applied gently and sparingly, will keep skin feeling moisturised all day, without getting oily and shiny. It also creates the perfect base for any make up on top.