exotic-pink-saltWith the heat of summer comes sandals, flip flops, and open toes – so getting feet looking soft, smooth and lovely. While calluses and dry heels might build up over the cooler months, summer is the perfect time to give feet a DIY transformation, and it’s easy to do that with a few natural ingredients. To give feet a natural pedicure and pamper, check out some of the tips below.


Cooling soaks


An easy way to soften hard skin is to use a gentle soak with luke-warm water and mineral salts. Saint Grape’s Exotic Pink Salt is a great option to use, packed with nutrient-rich minerals. Softening dry skin with water makes it much easier to remove it with a gentle foot scrub or pumice stone, while the cool water also provides relief on a hot day.


Exfoliate naturally


While it’s tempting to exfoliate aggressively using a harsh scrub or stone, this can often create problems for skin so it’s better to use something a little more gentle. A natural scrub, made up of coarse sea salt, brown sugar, finely ground nut shells and oatmeal, mixed up in a base of natural oils or butters such as almond oil or coconut butter, provides a soothing but effective scrub. With the extra moisturising effect of the oils, this will also smooth and nourish skin, for a long lasting effect throughout the summer.


Healing cracked heels


For extremely cracked heels, a little TLC is needed to encourage the skin to heal completely. To give feet a helping hand, a nourishing soak made up of honey, aloe vera, oats and lavender can help to sooth tired and cracked feet. Simply mix up the ingredients in hot water, and soak feet regularly in the mix for as long as is comfortable. Honey and aloe vera will promote new skin growth and healing, while the natural oils from lavender will prevent the risk of infection – which is particularly helpful for extremely cracked feet. Finish off by moisturising feet with olive oil at night, and allow the moisture to soak through overnight.