foot-spaAs the sun comes out and the weather warms up, Spring’s latest fashion trends are brightening up the horizon, with pretty pumps and open sandals waiting to replace winter’s clunky boots and chunky warm socks. It’s time to give feet a little TLC to spruce them up, and there’s nothing more relaxing or enjoyable than a gentle pedicure. With 3 easy steps and some household ingredients, it’s easy to create a DIY pedicure treatment, to pamper, sooth and rejuvenate winter feet. 

Step 1: Soak for perfectly soft skin 

A foot spa doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective – a warm water s soothing, relaxing and effective at gently softening and preparing skin for a scrub. Mineral salts, when added to the water, can help to nourish feet and restore essential nutrients to skin, helping them to stay hydrated and smooth as they get exposed to the elements in warmer weather. Saint Grape’s Exotic Salt mix combines a gentle mix of minerals with essential oils, for a fragrant and soothing touch to a DIY foot spa. 

Step 2:  Scrub away dry skin and calluses 

While harsh scrubs and stones can seem like a tempting shortcut for getting rid of callused feet and dry patches on heels, they can often result in worsening skin problems in the long run. Instead, mild pumice scrubs or pebbles can be used after a soak, to ease away dry areas and smooth rough skin. Care should be taken over extremely rough areas to avoid cracking or causing bleeding – instead these areas should be treated with a natural foot salve, to promote the skin’s healing. 

Step 3: Luxuriate and moisturise 

Once rough skin has been smoothened, it’s important to promote skin healing and maintain a hydrated and well-nourished skin surface. Heavy moisturisers that include alcohol, fragrances and silicon do little to help the skin hydrate itself, and often leave skin feeling just as dry once they are washed off. 

Instead, natural, easy to absorb ingredients such as almond or jojoba oils, or intensive butters including coconut or cocoa, provide a nutrient-rich form of hydration that promotes gentle and continued healing, to restore and revive skin.