St Grape SkincareFeet often bear the brunt of life’s stresses – from long hours standing and walking, to exposure to harsh weather conditions and ill-fitting footwear. These can often leave long-term problems such as the build up of calluses, bunions and corns, as well as chronic foot pain. Regular foot care can ease the build up of daily stresses and help to prevent podiatric problems from developing into more serious concerns. 

Saint Grape’s range of skincare uses natural ingredients that promote gentle but effective foot care treatment, without the use of harsh chemicals that can lead to further problems. From gentle massages to invigorating scrubs, natural foot care can help to unwind tension and re-energise after a long day. 

Soothe aching muscles 

Pain from tired, aching feet can soon extend across the whole body, so tackling foot pain can help the entire body to relax. Warm salt-based soaks are ideal for softening dry skin, stimulating circulation and relaxing stiff muscles. Saint Grape’s Exotic Pink Salt mix combines Himalayan crystal pink salt with a unique blend of essential oils, for a fragrant and rejuvenating soak. The complex blend of minerals helps to eliminate toxins, and boost healing – resulting in relaxed feet, as well as overall calm and wellbeing. 

Regal rejuvenation 

Mineral-based scrubs, combining rare oils and natural salts have long been the reserve of exotic royalty. Mineral sea salts provide an intensive exfoliating action, while oils replenish and nourish skin, to restore youthfulness and softness. The Saint Grape Aqua Bliss Natural Scrub uses a paraben and silicone-free formula that gently massages skin with natural salt grains, while essential oils provide an invigorating and energising scent. 

Restorative luxury 

Foot massage is often a deeply restorative pleasure, as individual locations can connect with points across the whole body. A soothing foot massage can ease built-up tensions and stressors in the body and mind, when combined with gentle but nourishing oils. The Saint Grape Invisible Skin Massage Oil is easily absorbed into the skin, yet provides long term protection against the elements by repelling insects, and improving circulation. With no artificial colours or chemicals, it is suitable to use on all skin types, including sensitive skin.