While anti-aging products tend to focus on the most obvious signs of aging on the face and around the eyes, hands are actually the most common giveaways of aging. The skin on hands can lose volume, elasticity and fat long before the face, and wrinkling hands, brown spots and bulging veins are some of the more unsightly signs of growing older. Consequently, hands are fast becoming a new hot area for anti-aging treatment – but it’s easy to restore their youth naturally. 1. Moisturise deeply Treat hands with the same care afforded to the face and body – and invest in a deeply nourishing moisturiser that will restore the skin’s elasticity and hydration. Natural butters such as coconut or shea butter are ideal for hands as they are easily absorbed and non greasy – keeping them soft and nourished all day. 2. Take care of nails A lifetime of manicures and nail polish can weaken nail beds and damage cuticles, so treat them well to restore their strength and brightness. Saint Grape’s Skin Massage Oil has essential oils that enhance and restore skin, and can be gently massaged into hands and cuticles every day. 3. Don’t forget sun screen While most facial creams have SPF included these days, hands also need sun screen too, as they are exposed to the sun every day, from gardening, driving and other activities. Protect hands from sun damage and prevent brown spots with a high level SPF sunscreen daily. 4. Indulge every evening Evenings are the best time to treat hands, as they are less likely to be busy over the course of the night with typical activities like washing dishes, gardening, cooking and so on. Treat hands to a deep and nourishing soak in warm water with a few drops of patchouli, rosewood and frankincense oil – these will help to tackle brown spots, restore elasticity and encourage new cell growth. 5. Gloves aren’t just for winter! To enhance and improve any of the above treatments, a pair of soft cotton gloves can work wonders, by allowing the skin to absorb as much as it can, and are perfect for overnight treatments.