hand-skincareWhen it comes to beauty, hands are often ignored or neglected – but in fact they are the hardest working part of the body, and most susceptible to aging.  With constant exposure to the elements and pollutants, hands can show the signs of aging far sooner than elsewhere on the body. Exposure to sunlight, water, and extreme temperatures can lead to skin losing its plumpness and elasticity, so a little TLC for hands is an important part of any anti-aging regimen. 

Step 1: Gentle cleaning 

Hands are constantly exposed to dirt and pollutants, so it is no surprise that they are constantly washed. This can lead to hands drying out, particularly when coupled with the use of harsh detergents and soaps. To avoid this, a natural, gentle cleanser, rich in oils, will help keep skin soft and smooth, without becoming dehydrated. A soap rich in olive oil, such as Saint Grape’s Olive Honey soap, is an ideal gentle but effective cleanser. 

Step 2: A nourishing mask

 Just as masks can help restore and replenish facial skin, a weekly treatment mask for hands can prevent skin from becoming tough, wrinkled and dry. A homemade treatment of olive oil and coarse brown sugar can be massaged into the hands – while the olive oil nourishes, sugar will gently exfoliate any dry patches. 

Step 3: Moisturise and protect 

A good hand cream is essential to lock in moisture and prevent skin from drying out – but an important component that is often forgotten is SPF, considering how much sun exposure hands receive, particularly for drivers. A hand cream that’s high in SPF is vital to prevent lines and spots from developing. 

Step 4: Healthy, strong nails 

An important part of hand care is to ensure nails stay strong and healthy too. As the body ages, natural oils start to diminish, which can lead to nails becoming dry, brittle and yellow. Nails are also more susceptible to damage with repeated manicures and polish treatment. A deeply moisturising and conditioning massage of coconut butter, smoothed into cuticles and nails overnight, can help restore their hydration.