aqyablissIt’s easy to slough away the dull detritus of dead skin with some simple ingredients designed to restore skin’s natural balance and nutrients, for a healthy, beautiful and energised glow. Even the most sensitive skin can be revived using all-natural ingredients, that prevent unwanted reactions from artificial chemicals, preservatives or fragrances, and a simple solution might be right inside the contents of an everyday refrigerator.

Lemon zest to reduce pores and inflammations 

Lemon is a treasured ingredient in natural health and beauty, as this vibrant little fruit is packed to the brim with beneficial nutrients. Citric acid reduces pore sizes and also provides an astringent effect to minimise oily skin or breakouts.

Lemon can be combined with a teaspoon of raw honey for a natural healing face mask. As honey enhances the benefits of lemon but also provides a soothing touch, this mask is ideal for problematic younger skin, as well as sensitive skin types. 

Reduce eye fatigue 

Puffy eyes are an instant tell-tale sign of long nights, and can also increase the risk of eye wrinkles developing. Rather than depending on superficial makeup to conceal them, eye bags can be gently soothed away for more long lasting effects, with a simple slice of potato or cucumber. 

Cool and hydrating, these can be placed over the eye to provide a soothing and relaxing effect, whilst also minimising puffiness and redness from any burst capillaries in the area. 

Energising salt scrubs to combat blackheads and more 

Mineral salts and sodas are a natural way to restore the skin’s balance, and can combat unsightly blackheads, acne breakouts and redness.  A simple combination of baking soda and milk works to neutralise the skin’s pH and minimise pores. Saint Grape’s Aqua Bliss Natural Scrub, made of essential oils and mineral sea salts, also work effectively to help balance and tone the skin, with a natural exfoliating action that promotes a glowing complexion overall.