Exotic Pink SaltThere’s nothing more soothing or relaxing than a decadent pamper session, full of gentle fragrances to calm the senses, and rich, intensive treatments to ease troublesome skin, as well as deeper issues. While spa treatments might be an occasional indulgent treat, natural DIY spa sessions can replicate the benefits, amid the comfort of the home. Using naturally derived ingredients, it’s simple and straightforward to turn everyday items into luxurious – and effective beauty treatments, for a stress-busting and invigorating homemade spa day. 

Energising facial treatments 

The base of a great facial treatment should relax and sooth skin, without the use of heavy products that can clog pores or lead to the build up of unsightly acne and pimples. A natural scrub, combined with rich but easy to absorb moisturisers gives facial skin a gentle cleanse whilst restoring natural oils. 

Strips of avocado skin, after removing the flesh can be used to moisturise the skin with vitamin-enriched oils, while thin slices of potato can reduce under-eye dark circles and blemishes. An invigorating scrub can be mixed up using coarse brown sugar in a blend of jojoba and almond oils – adding a drop or two of lemon or orange oils add an energising and refreshing scent, as well as a gentle anti-bacterial. For absolute luxury let Golden Lights Radiance Serum take the tiredness away and put the richness back 

Detoxify and sooth 

One of the ultimate treats at any spa is getting a soothing and calming soak. This can easily be recreated – for a full body treatment, or a relaxing foot soak. A simple but effective blend is sea salt or Epsom salt, combined with baking soda in hot water.  This low-key mix is gentle on all skin types, and can encourage the removal of impurities more easily.  At St. grape we have created our own Exotic Pink salt developed especially for relaxing, soothing your feet at the end of the day. 

Adding essential oils to the blend can help to tailor the treatment for specific results – lavender oil is perfect for enhancing restful sleep, while citrus and mint oils can energise both mind and body, ideal for treating tired joints or aching feet. Essential oils can also be used effectively to ease the symptoms of flu and colds – tea tree and chamomile all work well to cool down fevers, while peppermint and geranium can help to manage troublesome colds.