natural beautyThis season, beauty takes a return back to natural gorgeousness, but with a refreshing, modern twist. With slick 90s minimalism and futuristic trends inspiring the fashion world, it's only a matter of time before beauty gurus picked up on this look too. The new natural is a perfect look for summer to avoid the heavy, "caked in makeup" look, whilst still keeping a beauty look that is sharp and sophisticated. 

Delicate lashes 

For those who hate the whole routine of curling and layering on repeated gunky layers of thick black mascara, this trend will come as a relief. Spidery long lashes have been swept away in favour of delicate fringes, enhanced with subtle touches of colour rather than going for the false-lash effect. To create this look, a dab of coloured mascara just at the tips of lashes creates an elegant hint of colour to lift and brighten eyes. Or if black mascara is an absolute must-have, apply at the ends only to give a subtle lift. 

A simple part 

In keeping with the 90s minimalist look, hair this spring is inspired by no-fuss looks and a refreshing, uncomplicated cleanness. Low ponytails, centre partings and sea-spray waves all create a feminine but sporty appeal. Updos avoid the hairspray-packed bouffant looks of past seasons but follow a smooth and simple ballerina knot, low at the nape of the neck. The key to this trend is ensuring hair is looked after and treated well - rich, leave in conditioners and serum treatments are a nourishing investment for smooth, glossy and effortless locks. 

Bold brows 

To complement this fresher take on beauty, a bold brow is ideal to frame the face and add a touch of depth, whilst also creating a more youthful and natural look. Heavy 40s style brows add instant definition and are the perfect finishing touch for a pared back look, while for evening, slick, sharp and exaggerated arches and a touch of drama. Invest in a eyebrow crayon and fine brush to help sculpt the perfect arches.

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