St. Grape Invisible OilNatural oils make a fantastic natural skincare treatment, being rich in nutrients and easily absorbed by skin. Oils such as almond, coconut and jojoba can be easily absorbed by skin, to leave a natural glow and a youthful looking finish. With no excessive greasiness or clogging up of pores, natural oils are an ideal way to moisturise and sooth all skin types, including sensitive skin. 

Essential oils for sensuous massages 

Combining essential oils with base oils such as almond or jojoba create a luxurious and indulgent skin treatment that can easily be created at home. Different essential oils can be added to enhance their individual benefits and properties – oils such as orange, lime and peppermint give a energising and uplifting feeling, ideal for improving energy levels, or boosting recovery after an illness. 

For a more sensual and relaxing massage, floral essential oils such as rose, chamomile and lavender can be assed to base oils for a fragrant and soothing experience. Base oils can also be warmed up lightly before adding essential oils to the mix – this can enhance the sensuous feeling of an oil massage, and can be used all over the body for a relaxing treat. 

Natural oils for facial care 

Natural oils are also an ideal treatment for facial care, as they leave little residue or greasiness on the skin. They can be used on all skin types, including dry, oily and mixed skin, as natural oils can help to restore the skin’s balance for an even, healthy result. 

Saint Grape’s Invisible Skin Massage Oil is a light and easily absorbed skin oil that can be used on the body or as a facial serum, giving a natural, hydrated and glowing look. With a blend that includes pure essential oils and no parabens or artificial ingredients, it is an ideal natural soothing facial treatment.