summer-skincareWarmer summer days are creeping up, which means skin can face a toll from the increasing heat, as well as toxins in the air, and being excreted through sweat. Keeping the skin cooled can minimise burning and prevent wrinkling through excessive sun exposure, while also helping to keep fatigue at bay with a light, refreshing feel. Natural toners and masks are an easy and fast way to keep skin cool and fresh through the summer months. 

Cooling and hydrating toners 

Commercial toners can often be heavily astringent, leaving skin dry, dehydrated and dull. Opting for naturally based toners can instead help to restore the skin’s natural balance, to leave a youthful, glowing look that richly hydrated and full of life. An easy, cooling toner can be put together with a blend of cucumber peel, a cup of witch hazel and spring water – blend the ingredients together for a fresh feeling toner that is ideal for cooling and calming skin, ideal after excessive sun exposure. Rose water toner is another gentle and soothing treatment that is suitable for all skin types and quickly tones and rejuvenates worn out skin. Saint Grape’s rose and lotus toner is a light and relaxing skin conditioner, that can also be used over makeup to set it and keep it looking fresh. 

Indulgent masks 

To combat the drying effect of heat, a rich, soothing avocado mask provides the perfect antidote. Packed with essential oils, nutrients and fatty acids, avocado is just as nutritious when used topically as it is to eat. For a straightforward mask that feels utterly decadent, chill half an avocado before mashing it into a fine, smooth paste with honey and apply all over. Upon rinsing, skin will feel soft, well moisturised and show off a beautiful natural glow. Despite the apparent “oilyness” of avocado, this is a mask that can be used on any skin types, including oily or combination type skin as the natural fats will help to restore skin’s balance and improve oil production, for a more even, dewy finish.