sunAs the days get brighter, it's important to protect skin from sun damage and the effects of tanning. While sunblock should always be used and prevention of over exposure is the best remedy, skin can inevitably suffer from burning, rashes and other repercussions. Natural, chemical-free solutions straight from everyday ingredients can help to soothe damaged skin without causing unwanted side-effects or exaggerating sensitivities, and can be used all year round, on skin of all ages. 

Relieve discomfort and rehydrate skin 

Whether sun-exposed skin has suffered from sunburn, or just has become a tad dry, rehydrating skin is important to prevent sun spots, wrinkles and rashes. While drinking lots of water to stay hydrated is essential, it's just as vital to keep skin hydrated from the outside too. 

Natural oils and butters, such as coconut, cocoa and Shea butter all have excellent properties to enhance and soothe dry and sensitive skin. As they are easily absorbed,  they leave no greasy residue, and gently promote healing of skin discomfort. Saint Grape's range of massage candles, made of natural butters and essential oils, are a soothing and fragrant way to keep skin gently nourished after sun exposure. 

Cool skin straight from the fridge 

Sun exposure can exaggerate sensitive skin that's already prone to discomfort, so to cool off, there are some simple ingredients that can be used straight from the fridge. Cucumber is a naturally cooling substance - rich in water, it hydrates and tones skin on application. Just place thin slices of refrigerated fresh cucumber on affected areas for immediate relief. 

Whole milk is another excellent home remedy to soothe minor burns, and can be used as a compress on burnt or damaged skin. It's important to use whole/full fat dairy milk, or alternatively Greek yoghurt - the fat in the milk adds pain relief and nourishes skin to prevent peeling, while lactic acid further encourages healing, and prevents minor infection from taking hold.