Olive Honey soapSensitive skin needs care and consideration – chemicals, harsh abrasives and artificial perfumes can all cause unwanted and unpleasant side effects, such as provoking redness, inflammations or exaggerating existing conditions. Natural skin care can be a great advantage for sensitive skin types, as all-natural ingredients, free of harmful substances, can be tailored to create soothing and restorative treatments that hydrate, smooth and revive skin, without problematic effects. 

Fresh ingredients for vibrant skin 

Fresh, natural ingredients such as fruit and vegetables are packed with essential minerals and vitamins, that are often lost during lengthy processing times and matter starts to decompose. Making homemade skin treatments with the freshest ingredients around helps to capture these nutrients in their prime. 

For a soothing and refreshing mask that nourishes dry skin for a soft and hydrating effect, bananas can be mashed up with honey, egg yolks and a dash of oil, such as almond, coconut or olive. Oats and lemon juice can also be added to the mix for a cleansing and hydrating effect. By letting the mask dry out and then rinsing off with warm water only, skin is left nourished, without a greasy film or any drying effect from perfumes. 

Olive oil – the natural beauty super- ingredient 

Olive oil has been a natural beauty favourite for centuries – used to boost health and beauty from within and without. While its culinary properties are renowned, olive oil is also a fantastic beauty ingredient. It makes a gentle but effective substitute for cleansers, as well an ideal alternative to heavy lotions, to hydrate almost any skin type. 

Olive oil can be used as a make-up remover or cleanser very easily. After smoothing a few drops onto skin, the oil should be gently massaged in. A warm, damp towel can then be used to massage the face and easily remove both excess traces of oil, and unwanted makeup, and is especially effective on eye makeup – even waterproof types. Saint Grape’s delicious Olive Honey soap combines two of the most effective natural beauty ingredients – honey and olive oil – for a gentle but luxurious natural skin cleanser.

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