We had a question come up recently on our Twitter network www.twitter.com/stgrape (join us!), about the shelf life of our products and though it would be useful to give all of you some detail on this.

For all of our spa scrub products

(i) Aqua Bliss Natural Scrub

(ii) Ancient Foot Scrub

There is NO limit to shelf time if it unopened because:

a. The sea salt itself, is a powerful antiseptic in the very NATURAL way of salt, and we include as much as possible of the raw natural sea salt into the scrub;

b. The essential oils, which are themselves a kind of powerful natural preservative. Most industries do not use essential oils as the preservative, just because the essential oils are so costly. However, we combine 4~5 kinds of essential oils into our scrub products, not only to perform the essential oils unique properties, but also to act as NATURAL preservatives.