skin-blemishesBlemish reducing and colour correcting products for the skin, or BB and CC creams for short, are some of the hottest buzzwords in beauty at the moment. But while BB creams can help to cover up facial blemishes superficially, it is possible to eliminate blemishes for good - completely naturally. With the help of some common natural ingredients, even colour, smooth tone and blemish-free skin can be achieved.


Help scars to heal


Most blemishes are in fact the remnants of a previous skin condition - such as acne, cysts or minor burns. All of these can leave long lasting scars on the skin, that are both unsightly and awkward. While they will heal in time, the process can be sped along with some helpful ingredients. Natural juices, including lemon, cucumber and tomato, are rich in enzymes and nutrients that help to promote new skin cells forming, and can also reduce redness. Simply apply as a light toning mask, before rinsing off. Fresh juices should be used - bottled or concentrated forms will contain preservatives that can impact the skin. 


Soothe with essential oils


Blemish prone skin can often be more sensitive to the sun, pollutants and other factors, which can exaggerate skin conditions further. Soothe skin with a nutritious and easily absorbed serum based of natural oils. Saint Grape's Invisible Skin Oil is lit and easy to use, and can be gently massaged into the skin to improve skin tone, texture and ease flare ups. Alternatively, a gently exfoliating blend of rose water, dried rose petals and almond oil provides both moisture and a cleansing effect, as well as reducing redness and pigmentation.


Even skin tone naturally


Using a gentle brightening mask on a regular basis can help to even colour imbalances across the skin, and help eradicate blemishes for good, leaving a radiant and even complexion. A gentle but effective mask made of yoghurt, rose water, and lemon and orange peel helps to exfoliate dead skin and improve brightness and tone. Or to target specific areas, an anti-oxidant rich mask made of mashed strawberries and a teaspoon of vinegar can help to tackle areas of uneven pigmentation.