ST Grape essential oilsWith spring on the way, it’s time to refresh and revitalise skin, and restore its natural health. To revive a youthful and natural glow, the most effective way is to treat it to a luxurious pamper that will cleanse, soothe and protect even sensitive skin. While most skincare products are laced with artificial chemicals that can cause long term damage, naturally based skincare can actually enhance the skin’s ability to restore and protect itself. 

Revive and replenish 

Throughout winter, skin is exposed to the elements inside and out – from drying indoor central heating, to chills, rain and wind outside. This constant switching between the two can leave skin red, raw and exhausted – and it shows immediately on the outside. 

Tired skin can be revived and restored using rich but easily absorbed natural products – rosehip is a highly nourishing oil that leaves no greasiness at all. In fact, it is rapidly absorbed and ideal for balancing out both dry and greasy skin. Renowned for its restorative powers, it can sooth stretch marks, reduce redness, and promote the healing of scars. Skin is left feeling taut and supple – while looking radiant and highly nourished. 

Sensuous care 

Stress, fatigue and psychological distress can all have their impact on skin, no matter how healthy a diet or lifestyle. Natural products can help skin protect and restore itself, from both inside and out. Nut-based candles can actually be used upon the skin after burning, and are a highly effective way of nourishing skin, whilst calming a tense and anxious mind. 

Butters like coconut and almond butter are rich in vitamins and minerals that help strengthen, tone and heal skin, while fragrant essential oils can relax an overworked mind. 

Gentle exfoliation 

Exfoliation is often misunderstood as simply removing dead skin cells, and many exfoliators are based around doing just that, whilst in the process, also removing or damaging new skin cells, and stripping away vital protective oils. Natural exfoliation methods can gently massage skin to remove dead skin and reduce flakiness, whilst also replenishing the skin’s own protective oils. Ground nut shells, rich in vitamin E, are especially ideal.