lotus-rose-tonerMost standard beauty regimes follow the same formula – make sure skin is cleansed well, and moisturise to keep up hydration. While adding a toner in between can sometimes feel like a trivial and unnecessary step, toners are actually the essential in-between element that makes sure skin looks as good as possible.  So why use toners?


Cleanse and refresh


While a deep cleanser scrub is essential to remove oils, impurities and dead skin cells, a light wash over with a facial toner can make sure the last unsightly traces of dirt, oil and make up are properly and thoroughly removed. Toners are also less abrasive and severe on the skin – giving a wonderful cleanse without drying skin out, or damaging new skin cells. Skin is left feeling soft, clean and smooth – and provides a perfect base for absorbing moisture afterwards, without clogging up any pores.


Tone up and tighten


While most people expect their moisturiser to do the heavy work, with complex anti-aging formulas and anti-wrinkle ingredients, a gentle toner is a far more effective way of giving skin a youthful, firm and plump appearance. A light toner made of rosewater and essential oils, such as Saint Grape’s Lotus Rose Radiance Toner, will shrink pores by being gently blotted onto the face with a cotton wool pad. Toners also provide an extra level of protection to the skin by preventing impurities from entering pores, keeping skin clearer and healthier.


The perfect base for makeup


Toners also act as the ideal prep for make-up. By impurities off the skin and keeping it hydrated, skin can easily absorb both liquid and powder forms of make up, resulting in a less caked-on look, and much less make up required to create an effective result.


While toners may have been dismissed from beauty routines as being slightly out-dated and unnecessary, they are an easy and simple way to enhance personal beauty. Ideal for all skin types, but especially beneficial for oily and combination skin, toners can help skin stay bright, clean and well moisturised.