Sensitive skin and skin conditions like eczema can be as debilitating as other illnesses, they affect our confidence, and our feelings which can have an overall effect on our mental and physical health, they are not to be taken lightly and certainly aren’t by those who experience them.

Here are some of our top tips if you have sensitive skin or eczema.


Cleanse skin well but choose natural products which don’t contain additional toxins which can irritate sensitive skin, rinse with fresh clean water to ensure all cleansers are removed. Bathe or wash in warm but not too hot water. Pat skin dry so as not to dry out skin too much after bathing.

Weather and the Environment

Extreme weather conditions can cause skin to be more sensitive than usual, use a quality or natural sunscreen all year round but especially in the summer months. During winter and cooler climates use a good natural moisturiser liberally to prevent skin drying out. Pollutants in the environment can be as irritating as the products we use so cleanse well once you are home from trips in polluted and traffic heavy environments.

Avoid Stress

Well try! Sometimes stress is unavoidable, but try to de stress when you can with a hot bath and a pampering session with your favourite natural products, take some time away from your problems with a good book or something which allows you to switch off and wind down.

Is Food a Cause?

Sometimes the food we eat can contribute to sensitive or poor skin condition and not just the obvious villains like sugar, chocolate and greasy/junk foods. A food and drink diary will soon show potential triggers if necessary but a healthy varied diet will make a difference to your skin.

Drink plenty of water

We know you know this but it is true! Water helps your body to detox naturally!

Don’t smoke

For 101 reasons, and because it ages and harms skin, and ploughs harmful toxins throughout our bodies.


Avoid cleansing, beauty and cosmetic products which contain artificial ingredients, preservatives and alcohols, go for more natural, basic products without added fragrance.

For more in depth and specific guidance to manage conditions like eczema and psoriasis try the following websites and seek medical assistance and advice: