One of the best known and most widely used flowers throughout history for its huge range of benefits is Lavender. Here are just some of its benefits and its uses, which outline why, as well as buying products which are made with Lavender, keeping a bottle of the essential oil, or a plant in the garden, could be worthwhile.

Effects on the mind and body

Lavender is calming and soothing, naturally rejuvenating. It can relieve anxiety or stress and aid restful sleep. It can aid depression.


Take more detailed guidance for methods but Lavender can be used to relieve or prevent headaches, it’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Can be used on burns to prevent blistering, relieve pain and prevent infection, also for bee or wasp stings, cut’s or scratches. It can be gargled for sore throats (not swallowed) and has been known for aiding problems with digestion and a wide range of ache and pain treatments.

Cosmetic and Beauty

Lavender can be used to reduce blemishes and spot’s. Prevent or treat smelly feet as a soak – and definitely tired and mistreated feet! It can help with de tangling hair and has even been recommended to encourage hair growth!

House and Home

Lavender can be used as a natural and safe insect repellent and disinfect, and can be used on pet’s to prevent fleas and around the home to remove bad smells. It’s great in the garden to attract bees and butterflies and looks and smells fantastic. Lavender is used in Pot Pourris, and to freshen linen and deter moth’s in clothing.


Lavender can be used in cooking, as a flavouring, to make candied Lavender or even Lavender Sugar, and goes well with chocolate! It is also used for tea.

The versatility of Lavender is truly endless, but as with most things needs to be used in the correct way. If you would like to use Lavender or Lavender oil for any of the above make sure you thoroughly research the correct method and amount and take advice from a professional if you are unsure. Lavender is not recommended for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women,

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