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100% Natural & Organic

A proud Canadian company skincare laboratory and manufacture - St. Grape is renowned for the 100% high-grade natural and organic ingredients used in every skincare product, something we are very proud to offer to our lovely clients. Perfect for sore/sensitive skin, for promoting healthy skin, 

as well as conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Natural skincare Products

Our aim at St. Grape has always been to bring the joy and luxury of a home spa to all of our clients at prices everyone can afford. At the center of our philosophy is the drive to provide absolutely natural skincare creations that allow clients to be at one with the true power that nature brings. All our products are developed fundamentally using hand-made or ancient processes, and because we want to think green wherever we can, all our products are eco – packaged.

Pure, gentle and high quality

As well as offering our clients a product that is uniquely natural, the team at St. Grape ensure that when you buy from us, you will receive the highest level of pure source ingredients on the market. We can guarantee with pride that our merchandise really will improve your skin. Not only will you see an improvement after a few days, but the improvements will be maintained if you stop using them.

The key to health and beauty

We believe natural skincare is the key to health and beauty. From handcrafted soaps, essential massage candles, detoxing soaking salts, anti-wrinkle serums and healing facial oils, St. Grape offer products for all your daily needs in order for you to heal and repair, enhance your beauty, increase vitality, and introduce a little relaxation and pampering into your life.

The aromas from St. Grape products are pleasing exotic, relaxing, and calming and will immediately guide you into your pampering zone.

Through extensive research and development, St. Grape Green Beauty Inc. has integrated natural ancient wisdom with cutting edge modern science to bring you a unique line of beauty and natural skincare products which cleanse, nurture, relax and heal.

Treat yourself to St. Grape Natural skincare products

We offer premium grade natural skin care products to support healthier skin while promoting a healthy lifestyle. When you use our natural skincare products you will see improvements in your skin. Our products require daily use for three to five months to get the best results and will make you will feel healthier, more radiant and more beautiful.

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